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An accomplished UX/UI design professional with over ten years of experience in strategy, design, development and managing teams and work in digital applications. My work demonstrates creative solutions, simple usability, user-centered design and smart development.

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Solutions & Results - Corporate Philanthropic Website

Under a short deadline, I worked with Uptake's marketing department to build and launch a site showcasing their philanthropic efforts.

  • Roles:Front-end Development, Project Management
  • Tools:Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, jQuery

U.S. Navy - Talent Link App

SNC was tasked with creating an application to streamline the process of Ship Commanders finding Sailors and filling open roles. The Talent Link application was designed to facilitate the matching based on the sailor's skills and availability. Additional functionality was designed to automate the process of adding and validating a sailor's certifications and accomplishments.

  • Roles:UX Design, Branding, Front-end Theme Development
  • Tools:Balsamiq, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Meteor.js
  • URL:Talent Link Wires

Wellsfargo - Internal Cyber Security Product

  • Roles:UX Design, Experience Architecture and Front-end Development
  • Tools:Balsamiq, HTML, CSS
  • URL:App Wires

U.S. Dept. of Defense - Internal Vendor Dashboard

IKANOW - Cyber Security / Big Data Analytic Products

Lead UX design efforts as well as managed development team to produce a platform designed to provide organisations more insight into their data and cyber threat landscape.

  • Roles:UX, Interaction & Visual Design, Experience Architecture, Front-end Development, Team Lead & Scrum Master
  • Tools:Balsamiq, HTML, CSS
  • | ISA App

We Energies - Internal Energy Dashboard

Lead user-centered design process to create dashboards for improved internal governance and efficiencies. Also instrumental in ushering in agile design/development practices.

ManpowerGroup Solutions - Marketing & Sales Website

ManpowerGroup needed a site to display an explain their offerings in a clear and compelling maner. The solution was a website that would serve as the central point of reference. The design incorporated marketing imagery that became a engaging element of the experience. The platform laid the strategic foundation of a global thought leadership repository for ManpowerGroup across the globe.

  • Roles:Creative/Art Direction, UX/Visual Design, Experience Architecture and Front-end Development
  • Tools:Photoshop, HTML, CSS, jQuery
  • (Off-line CMS Templates)

Experis & Manpower - Global Gateway & Site Templates

ManpowerGroup launched it's new professional brand, Experis, in 2011 and needed landing page that would serve both as a straight-forward gateway to the Experis country sites, yet also introduce the brand in a compelling manner. The solution was simple yet engaging. By introducing the company's main user segmentation through an interactive application of the brand's new visual campaign we were able to help define the Experis brand and get the user to where they wanted to go while providing targeted messaging upon redirect. Additionally, Global Site Templates were developed to carry the experience on to the site level.

ManpowerGroup - Re-brand Redesign

A rebranding project opened the door for a visual refresh. Through creative use of CSS and HTML a simple yet effective user-interface was designed, developed and implemented at minimal impact to time and budget.

  • Roles:Creative/Art Direction, UX/Visual Design, Front-end Development
  • Tools:Photoshop, CSS, jQuery, jwPlayer

World of Work Insights - iPad eReader App

ManpowerGroup needed a way of getting their vast array of white papers and industry knowledge into the hands of its clients, employees and industry professionals. The solution was an iPad App with a simple yet compelling user experience. A basic Catalogue and Bookshelf concept was conceived together with stunning visuals that draw from the newly re-designed Manpower branch offices around the globe.

The Human Age - Marketing Microsite

On January 26, 2011 in Davos Switzerland, ManpowerGroup's CEO, Jeff Joerres, announced a new era for the World of Work and the Global Business Community at large - The Human Age. The project called for a micro-site to launch the message and direct users to resources across the world.

  • Roles:Creative/Art Direction, Visual/UX Design, Front-end Development
  • Tools:Photoshop, HTML, CSS, YouTube
  • (Off-line Version)

MyPath - Career Management Community, News and Resources

During the course of two years the site was analyzed and fine-tuned to attract and retain its users while making it easier to find the content they were looking for. In addition to user-centered design enhancements, the UI and UX was optimized for the technology it was built on - Jive SBS.

  • Roles:Creative/Art Direction, Visual/UX Design, Management of Front-End Development
  • Tools:Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Jive SBS Social CMS
  • (Off-line Examples)

Versant Digital Marketing

Central del Hogar

Experience & Capabilities


An accomplished UX/UI design professional with over ten years of experience in strategy, design, development and managing teams and work in digital applications. My work demonstrates creative solutions, simple usability, user-centered design and smart development.

Skills & Tools

  • Creative & Strategic Interactive Solutions
  • UI & UX Design & Development for Web and Mobile environments
  • Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign
  • Bootstrap, jQuery Frameworks
  • Contentful, Jive, Ektron CMS, Wordpress, Expression Engine, Tridion
  • PHP, Java & .NET Coding Environments
  • Google Analytics, Omniture & Crazy Egg implementation/tracking
  • Email Marketing & Template Creation with MailChimp and Hubspot
  • Axure, Balsamiq, Omnigraffle


Consultant, UI/UX Development at Uptake.

2017 – Present

  • :: Front-end development/design
  • :: Responsive Web Design (RWD)
  • :: Contentful CMS management
  • :: Supporting Marketing Department on the corporate websites
  • :: Hubspot

Principal Designer, UI/UX at Sierra Nevad Corp.

2016 – 2017

  • :: UX/UI design leadership
  • :: Wireframe creation for web applications
  • :: Creative direction, visual design
  • :: Front-end development, HTML/CSS/Js
  • :: Information architecture

Sr. Product Engineer, UI/UX Lead at IKANOW

2/2014 – Present

  • :: Team leadership, scrum master, resource planning
  • :: Creative direction, visual design
  • :: User experience design, wireframe creation
  • :: Front-end development, HTML/CSS/Js
  • :: Information architecture, persona development
  • :: Product design and planning

Sr. Consultant, UX/UI Architecture/Design/Development at We Energies

11/2012 – 9/2013

  • :: Web & UX strategy
  • :: UI & UX Design for web & mobile environments
  • :: Creative/Art direction
  • :: User research & Persona development
  • :: Responsive Web Design
  • :: Front-end development
  • :: Agile training & leadership

Director, Front-end Development at 7Summits

6/2012 – 11/2012

  • :: Team building
  • :: Drove hiring process, candidate vetting & interviews
  • :: Resource management
  • :: Project planning
  • :: Front-end development on Jive platform

Senior Web Design / User Experience Professional at ManpowerGroup

2/2008 – 5/2012

  • :: Web & UX strategy
  • :: UI & UX Design for web & mobile environments
  • :: Creative/Art direction
  • :: Standards based XHTML/CSS development
  • :: Team Lead & Resource Management
  • :: Front-end FLEX and JIVE design & development
  • :: jQuery/YUI javascript development
  • :: Sharepoint theme design/development
  • :: Agile SCRUM/Functional Team Lead
  • :: SEO & Analytics

Interactive Designer/Developer at Trivera Interactive

7/2007 – 2/2008

  • :: Technology planning & direction
  • :: Creative/Art direction & Quality Assurance
  • :: Project Lead on CMS platform adoption & implementation
  • :: User Interface/Interaction Development/Design
  • :: Standards based XHTML/CSS development
  • :: SEO & Analytics development
  • :: jQuery/Mootools javascript development
  • :: Project management & documentation

Interactive Designer/Developer at Versant

1/2007 – 7/2007

  • :: Web Interface & User Interaction Design
  • :: Project planning & Team Leading
  • :: Art direction & Graphic design
  • :: Ektron CMS development & client training
  • :: SEO & Analytics development
  • :: Standards based XHTML/CSS, jQuery/Mootools javascript development
  • :: Interactive Project Management & Client Services

Freelance Web Designer/Developer |

2005 – 2008

  • :: Design/Technology Consulting
  • :: Creative Concept & Branding Development
  • :: Graphic, UI & IA Design
  • :: Planning, Design & Development of Web/Design Projects
  • :: Project Management & Client Services

Web Master/Systems Administrator | Operation Mobilization Spain

2003 – 2005

  • :: Creative Concept & Branding Development
  • :: Art Direction & Graphic/Web Design
  • :: Planning, purchasing & implementation of a Windows/Linux network
  • :: Systems Administration

Web Designer/Developer | Trivera Interactive

2000 – 2003

  • :: Creative Concept & Branding Development
  • :: Graphic Design, Web Graphic Optimization
  • :: HTML, DHTML, CSS, Javascript Development
  • :: Built templates to interface with MPERL, PHP, & ASP scripts
  • :: Flash visual design, animation, Action scripting
  • :: Project management

Multimedia Designer/Developer | Excel Communications, Inc.

1999 – 2000

  • :: IA, UI and Visual design for multimedia projects
  • :: Audio/Visual development for multimedia
  • :: Web site design & development
  • :: Multimedia Programming in Macromedia Director & Flash


Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

Scrum Alliance Chicago, Il



Exec. Edu. Managing Product Design & Development

Nortwestern University Chicago, Il



Advanced Certificate in Web Design & Front-end Development

Milwaukee Area Technical College Milwaukee, WI

1999 – 2000


A.A.S. in Visual Communications

Milwaukee Area Technical College Milwaukee, WI

1997 – 1999


Paul David Jacobson
929 N. Astor St.
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone: 414.721.8728

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